I’m a principal research scientist at the MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit R&D center, where I study applications of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and natural language processing to solve problems in the public interest. I live in Denver, CO.

Some aspects of our work in recent years include:

  • online adaptation of neural networks using attention and external memory
  • weakly supervised techniques for interpreting brain activity, audio signals
  • transfer learning from monolingual data to improve neural machine translation
  • ultra low power intelligent sensors and neural networks on mobile devices
  • detection of astroturf, information campaigns, and influential stories on Twitter
  • determining whether a tweet author is in favor of / against a given topic
  • detecting whether or not two sentences have the same or very similar meaning
  • estimating the demographics of authors via analysis of writing samples
  • identifying a mobile device user by observing his/her behavioral biometrics
  • tracking obesity trends around the country as reflected in social media activity
  • summarization of thousands of messages into a paragraph of text
  • recommendation of texts based on their content (as opposed to popularity)
  • task planning for a swarm of robots using auction-like behavior
  • predicting the native language of a non-native English speaker

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